Your solution to long-term reliable tenants.

Whether you have experience in real estate investing or you’ve heard the stories, you know that finding and managing reliable long-term tenants can be a headache, and potentially stressful when it comes to maintaining your rental property.

Crompton Elite offers peace of mind to real estate investors by turning your rental property into a passive investment. Not only is a stress-free rental property possible, but you can enjoy it with more money in your pocket.

Through our unique business model, here are just a few ways we can add value to you:

Higher annual cash flow and full peace of mind
We will be your tenant for as long as you wish, leaving you with consistent cash flow and zero vacancies for the life of your rental property. You also won’t have to pay for property management or deal with minor maintenance calls. We’ll handle all of that.

A professionally maintained property that’s always ‘showroom’ ready
Your property will be professionally cleaned and inspected after each guest, and will be kept in pristine condition. We’re also fully insured, in the unlikely event of guest damage or liability, and we’ll manage this process entirely. If you ever decide to sell, the property will already be professionally staged, including high-resolution photography, at no cost to you.

Reliable tenancy for the life of your rental property
You’ll no longer be taking the chance on a tenant who doesn’t pay, doesn’t leave, or is protected by the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA). You won’t have to spend any more time or money on tenant turnover or finding reliable tenants.

Partnership on future ventures
As you invest in more properties that fit our criteria, Crompton Elite can rent those from you too, giving you the comfort of knowing you have the same reliable tenant taking care of all your investment properties.