Crompton Elite is your solution.

We founded Crompton Elite in 2021 after both working for a large investment firm for 11 years. Like you, we got into real estate because we were pursuing financial freedom for our family and excited about life’s possibilities. But we also struggled with the lost time and stress that came with less-than-perfect tenants, from constant calls and issues to missed rent payments or dealing with evictions and the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Our first rental property experience was a nightmare! We were in our early 20’s and got unlucky; think of the worst-case scenarios when dealing with long-term tenants, and, unfortunately, our tenant checked all of those boxes. It was extremely discouraging.

Through this struggle though, we realized there was an opportunity to not only achieve peace of mind for ourselves but also deliver that peace of mind to other investors. We knew we could turn real estate into a truly passive investment, all without charging for property management. Check out our unique business model.

The decision to go all-in on this idea was a no-brainer. We’re long-time real estate investors who understand the industry inside and out. Together, we have an extensive background in investment strategy and leadership, as well as relationship management and corporate marketing. We knew we could build a company that would create value for the Canadian real estate investing community from Vancouver to PEI. It was time to take the leap.

In 2021, we retired early from our corporate jobs and launched Crompton Elite Ventures. Our mission was clear: To help real estate investors achieve their vision by delivering higher returns and complete peace of mind.

Today, we continue to pursue our real estate investing goals while growing our positive impact on the people around us. We enjoy the financial freedom we worked so hard for… the freedom that allows us to choose how we spend our time every day. For us, that time is spent with family and friends, building our company and helping other like-minded individuals pursue their own financial freedom. Learn more about the value we offer