Having one reliable tenant (Crompton Elite) for all your investment properties

Enjoying peace of mind with the confidence that your home is being taken care of by trusted professionals

Achieving higher returns with no property management fees, and zero vacancies

Having more free time to spend on the things that matter most

Getting a full night's sleep every night, knowing there are no more midnight phone calls from tenants or stressful morning meetings with the Landlord and Tenant Board

Whether you’re considering your first rental property or you already own several, you likely chose to be a real estate investor to create long-term wealth. The problem is that the stress and challenges of having long-term tenants can take away from the enjoyment of being a real estate investor. Perhaps you’ve just accepted that these challenges come with the territory of real estate investing.

We’ve been there too.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We started Crompton Elite to give investors a new solution to this problem.

With Crompton Elite, you can finally achieve passive real estate investing in Canada.

We’re Charles and Tiffany Crompton. Since the beginning of our relationship in our mid-20’s, we made plans to grow our family, live in our dream home, and retire early to have the freedom to travel the world and give back. Seven years later, we have a beautiful daughter (and hopefully a sibling or two one day!), we’re living in our dream home in Burlington, Ontario, and at the end of 2021 were able to quit our corporate jobs to run Crompton Elite full-time.

Our goal has always been financial freedom, and real estate investing has helped us achieve it faster than expected. Now, through Crompton Elite, we can help you achieve your real-estate investing goals, too.

How our model works

We sign your lease and pay fixed monthly rent as your long-term tenant.
We register and manage the property on Airbnb. (Regardless of our Airbnb bookings, you’ll receive your fixed monthly rent as stated on the lease agreement).
Enjoy your passive investment and complete peace of mind.
Consider partnering with us on all future rental properties!
Charles, Tiffany and team are super friendly, professional and great to work with. I look forward to partnering with them again on my next rental property.”
Kitchener, Ontario

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